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HISI Survey

Evaluator Survey

Thanks for your hard work the past 3 years. The projects you developed are a major contribution to STEM Curriculum for our county and beyond.



Math LMT

  1. Go to: THIS SITE
  2. Enter one of the following program codes:
    • Elementary Teachers: 7295103392
    • Secondary Teachers: 7601772261
  3. Enter the email and password used in the pre-test:
  4. If you have forgotten which email address you used on the pre-test, it has been provided to your project director on a checklist in Google Drive.
  5. The common password is feusd2014. If you cannot login with the common password, you can retrieve your password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link.
  6. Take the LMT without the popup window by clicking the “here” link in the following page.
  7. Click the button “Finish” at the end of the assessment to complete the LMT.

Last First Grade Level
Bagnall William Secondary
Barrett Camila Secondary
Butcher Dianna Elementary
Crosswhite Adrienne Elementary
Dougherty Gabe Secondary
Godinez Jacob Secondary
Hayes Jennifer Secondary
Helms Eric Secondary
Hubbard Amy Secondary
Kiser Natalie Elementary
Klar Lisa Secondary
Koczera Dorian Secondary
Locke LuCelia Secondary
Marshall Rob Secondary
McClure Anthony Elementary
Pape Casey Elementary
Raven Sandberg Brooke Secondary
Sheridan Mary Ann Secondary
Sinnen Cathy Secondary
Som Anna Secondary
Sotomayor Norm Elementary
Stackhouse Greg Elementary
Thom Mark Secondary
Tomlin Oriana Elementary
Vack Tyler Secondary
Valdez Gloria Secondary
Wahlund Jessica Secondary
Walston Steve Secondary
Wishneff Erin Elementary
Wozniak Kay Secondary
Zamboni Wendy Secondary