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2014-15 Professional Development

April 25th, 2015

Lesson Study (8:30-10:00ish)

  • Highlights and challenges of Lesson Study with a focus on the research lesson (embedded within module)
  • Each group presents about experience the research lesson (and hopefully the reteaching) in a 2-3 minute slideshow Or presentation. Please be ready to share...  
    • What have been the biggest successes for your team in developing your module and presenting your research lesson?  
    • What have been the challenges or sticking points for you as a team and/or for your students?  
    • What are the take-aways or lessons learned?
  • DUE: Module checklist and lesson study reflection (Julie will discuss) by June. Finish this today and during May team meeting.
    • Capture where you are now so you can pick it up to revise next year.

Module development/refinement collaboration time (10:00ish-1:00)

  • Module overview/checklists - we will share some examples.
  • Please share all module docs you have so far, in a folder (drive, dropbox, etc...), with Michael by Memorial day. Submit lesson hours for May. Once I have this stipends will go out!

 Year Evaluation/prep for year 2 summer institute (1:00-2:00)

  • Schedule for August 10-14, 2015
  • Briefly discuss vertical-teaming plan
  • Year 1 evaluation survey
  • Year 2 suggestions/feedback survey


  • Lesson Study Reflection (completed with your group after the revise and reteach)
  • Submit "DRAFT" module to Michael
  • Submit final collaboration hours
  • IF YOU HAVE IT: scores for pre-post for module

March 7th, 2015



January 24th, 2015

September 27th, 2014

August 11-15 Intensive

Monday (8/11/14)

ipad Training with Colby Smart

Monday's Homework...(one hour)

  • Click LINK for HISI FIELD JOURNAL. You can use this or create your own journal.
  • Steps for accessing on iPads:
    1. Click link to journal and then save link to dropbox or other chosen "cloud" application
    2. Open Notes Plus application. Import journal using "import" tab on the left side of the screen.
    3. Choose "cloud" application (like dropbox) to find the document 
    4. Play around with sample journal in Notes Plus:
      • Change writing tools, take notes, zoom in and out
      • Import a picture or a video, take notes around it
      • Try using shapes and other tools and adding pages
      • Play around with data sheets

Tuesday-Wednesday (8/12-13/14) Resources

Van Duzen River downloads for iPads

Create: Using information collected today and preexisting data provided, it is your job to create a one page infographic (or other medium of your choice) promoting Humboldt County fisheries for tourism. Please also share a reason that visitors should be stewards for our streams and rivers when they visit.


Lanphere Dunes downloads for iPads

  • Schedule: download HISI Field Journal
  • Data Sheet (to be used with Google Spreadsheets app - try using it offline if not using sample journal)
  • Dune Map (pdf format - download on iPad, also in HISI Field Journal)
  • Humboldt Bay Dunes Plant List (online access only)
  • Laurel Goldsmith's presentation (pdf)
  • Melinda Bailey's presentation (ppx)

Create: A one page infographic  (or other medium of your choice) to promote an understanding of the effects of dune restoration on native dune ecosystems.


Thursday (8/14/14)

Project Based Learning

Friday (8/15/14)