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16-17 Module Group Time Reporting

2016-2017 Professional Development

Project HISI Mini-Conference

September 17th - HSU BSS 204

Two, 2 unit classes (Fall 2016) for HISI have been created.


The cost is ($50/unit).  The expectation is full participation in HISI events (or the appropriate make-up events, and including meetings in your module teams) from this past August through the STEAM Conference in .  Credits should be posted to transcripts by mid-January.


Please register online, at


Enter the following information:


First course:

"Subject Area & Catalog": MATH 700

"Class Number, 5-digit code": 47538

"Instructor Last Name": Oliver

"Course Title/Topic": HISI Math Modeling 2


Second course:

"Subject Area & Catalog": ENGR 700

"Class Number, 5-digit code": 47539

"Instructor Last Name": Eschenbach

"Course Title/Topic": HISI Designing for Sustainability


If you want credit and you fail to register by the end of the HSU academic term (i.e., Dec. 16) you will be assessed a $25 Late Fee.

August 8-11 Resources


  • August 8th-11th Intensive at Rock Creek Ranch
  • September 17th - Coding with Brad Ballinger
  • October 15th - Far North Math Conference
    • OR
  • January 6th - STEAM Conference at HCOE
  • April 29th - Collaboration