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2016-17 Important Dates

  • August 8th-11th Intensive at Rock Creek Ranch
  • September 17th - Coding with Brad Ballinger
  • October 15th - Far North Math Conference
    • OR
  • January 6th - STEAM Conference at HCOE
  • April 29th - Collaboration

In the News

Project HISI Home

Project HISI has been funded by the California Department of Education!

Humboldt Interdisciplinary STEM Initiative

Math and Science teachers in grades 6-12 from Fortuna, Arcata, McKinleyville, and the Trinity River Valley are participating in the Humboldt Interdisciplinary STEM Initiative (HISI).

HISI will combines professional development in STEM content with collaborative teacher teams. These teams are engaging with the lesson study model to support each other in STEM pedagogy as we all move to implement the Common Core. The STEM-focused training supports existing school initiatives to prepare teachers to successfully engage their students with the critical thinking skills necessary for the Smarter Balance Assessments.

Through coaching from teacher leaders from each high school (or one of its feeder schools), participating teacher leaders are receiving training to prepare them to support their fellow teachers—with the ultimate goal of nurturing students who are prepared for college and career readiness. Teacher teams are developing, piloting, and finalizing common core aligned lessons that integrate algebraic and scientific critical thinking skills that will ultimately be, after practice and refinement, used throughout Humboldt County schools as model STEM Lessons.

Project HISI


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