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FETA Contract

Teachers: Click the FESD MyTechDesk button to generate an eTicket using your password. Robert Gearhart will then be able to provide you with technology assistance.

Teacher Resources


Key takeaways:

  • Students need to struggle to learn. When they say "this is hard" teachers can say "great, that feeling is your brain growing!"
  • It is all about belief. If we think we can do it, we can!

Online Courses -- sign you and your students up today!

  • How to learn math: For Students
    • Students who take this course report more positive beliefs about math, engage more deeply in math in class, perform significantly better on standardized tests.
  • Online Courses for Teachers
    • $99 EACH -- Contact Michael and we can get this paid for with certificate of completion and your receipt of payment.


Teachers explore maths outside the box

iPass help link

iLearn wants to partner with us to produce a series of Math Performance task practice tests. We have the opportunity to create 5-10 questions at each grade level (3-8) and have our own personalized assessment and practice. If you want to be a part of this, add ideas HERE.